Travel Team Information



ILGA participates in the East Valley Executive League.   There are four clubs who play in match play format.   The other participating clubs are: Sun Lakes, Palo Verde, SunBird.  The season starts in November and play continues through January.  There are three play days.


Any ILGA member in good standing, whose index is 28.0 or below, is eligible to be a member of Ironwood’s team.   Each year in mid-March, the captain sends a letter to all players who have an index of 28.0 or below and invites them to sign up to be part of next season’s team.


Each time a competition is scheduled, the captain requests that players sign up (via e-mail), if they are available to play.   It is the player’s responsibility to notify the captain that she is available, the captain will NOT call.  Once players have responded, the captain selects the eight players with the lowest indexes who have signed up (captain and co-captain may play regardless).  The Ironwood team is comprised of four groups of two players who play in four-ball, match play format with four other two-person teams from the opposing club.  Points are accumulated throughout the season and the team with the most points at the end of the season is awarded a traveling trophy.


The schedule for the 2021 – 2022 season has been canceled due to Covid-19:

Canceled Sun Lakes I .
Canceled Palo Verde .
 Canceled Ironwood .
 Canceled Fun Day SunBird .


If you have further questions, please call

2013-2014      Captain                           Carol Smith                 883-1346

                          Co-Captain                   RuthAnn McGilvra     802-4183