FIRST FLIGHT 0 – 18        
    SECOND FLIGHT 19 – 22        
    THIRD FLIGHT 23 – 26        
    FOURTH FLIGHT 27 – 35        
Flights may be modified for the following reasons:
* Flights for major tournaments are set temporarily based on   number of players participating    
* During the summer, or when the number of players are restricted, flights will be determined based on the number of players participating



During the summer, when play is down, flights will be determined each week based on the number of players.    The number of players in each flight will be kept as equal as possible, but the flight ranges may change each week.  This is for game of the day money, ringer and birdie flights will remain as established in May.


For example, if there are

40 players, there will be four flights

25 – 39 players, there will be three flights

24 or fewer players, there will be two flights.