Weekly Pairings

This section of the website is for the normal, weekly play days.   Morning and afternoon pairings are each listed under their separate header.

For information about special event tournaments, see the section called “Special Events”.

ILGA will play on Thursdays unless the course is closed or there is lightening.  Play will not be canceled because of rain!


Please read the following section carefully – HOW you cancel golf, depends on WHEN you cancel golf.


Until Sunday noon prior to the play date:

Using her Chelsea confirmation number, a player may cancel golf by calling Chelsea (895-1805) and following the prompts or she may go on line to ironoaks.chelseareservations.com to cancel her reservation via the internet.  This option may be used anytime until Sunday noon prior to the date of play.  If the player cancels after Sunday noon, the Chelsea confirmation number WILL NOT WORK.

 From Sunday noon to Wednesday noon:

To cancel from Sunday noon to Wednesday noon, call the ILGA cancel line (317-3651, ext 2).  Leave your name and local number and the date/time you wish to cancel.  Pairings WILL NOT be updated based on cancels received after the original pairings are posted.

After noon Wednesday: 

If a player must cancel after Wednesday noon – call the pro shop (895-0614, ext 7) – using this option will incur a late fee.

A player who does not cancel prior to 12:00 noon Wednesday is required to pay a fine of $3.00.  If a player fails to cancel at least 30 minutes prior to her scheduled tee time, or is a no show for golf, she will be required to pay a fine of $5.00.  Put the fine in an envelope labeled with your name and play day.  Place the envelope in the ILGA drawer.  Be sure to initial that you have paid on the cancellation list on the bulletin board in the computer room.  A player will be given a one-week grace period, but if the late fine is not paid within 10 days, the player will not be paired.




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