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ILGA participates in crossover or home and home tournaments each year.   These are opportunities to play other courses and meet new friends.

2018 – PICO

PICO was played at Ironwood and Cottonwood

 The  results of the 2018 – PICO Tournament follows:

2018 – PICO – Game Payouts – Breakdown

2018 – PICO – KP Payouts

2018 – PICO Final Scoring Sheet When Cottonwood was Played April12th

2018 – PICO Final Scoring Sheet When Ironwood was Played April12th


2018 Home and Home with Sun Lakes

from left:  Candy Bain (SL); Cheryl Reed (SL); Fran Kelly (IW), not shown Ursula Bird

 for results for all teams, click on the following link:



To see some more pictures from the 2018 Home and Home, click on the following link: 

Home and Home Collage