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Winners for the Summer League at Ironwood on July 18, 2018


1st Place

The foursome of Judy Wegener and Carol Ruff 

(missing Sandy Chavez and Mary Eberly)

2nd Place

The Foursome of Dori Winchester and Jan Nelson

(missing Judy Daidone and Shirley Trusal)

3rd Place

The foursome of  Sherri Butler, Marsha Deuel and Jan Fletcher

(missing Kay Berner)






Winners from the Summer League at Palo Verde on June 13, 2018

1st Place 

The foursome of Jan Nelson, Sandy Chavez and Nancy Annen

(missing Kelly Dennis)

2nd Place

The foursome of B.J. Schuller, Dori Winchester,
Diane Grosse,
and Pat Schultz

3rd Place

The foursome of Moe Schoenwalder, Joann Rebillard,

Jan Stuckey, and Shirley Trusal