QUESTION:  If “A” reasonably believes that “B’s” ball at rest might interfere with her play, what are “A’s” options?


Rule 15.3b

  • Interference exists when B’s ball at rest might interfere with A’s area of intended swing but not when B’s ball is close enough to distract A in making a stroke.
  • Interference exists with the player’s area of intended stance
  • Is on or close to the players line of play such that, given the intended stroke, there is a reasonable chance the player’s ball in motion could hit that ball
  • Is close enough to distract the player in making the stroke.

When relief is allowed and player B marks her ball:

  • The ball must not be cleaned (except when lifted from the putting green under Rule 13.1b) and must be replaced on its original spot (Rule 14.2)
  • If the player does not mark the spot before lifting the ball or cleans the lifted ball when not allowed, she gets one stroke penalty.
  • In stroke play only, a player required to lift her ball under this rule may play first instead.

A player is not allowed to lift her ball under this Rule based only on the player’s own belief that the ball  might interfere with another player’s play.  If the player lifts her ball when not required to do so by the other player (except when lifting the ball on the putting green), the player gets a one stroke penalty.