• Currently, you drop a ball using an extended arm at shoulder height.

As of January 2019 you will drop the ball from knee high.


  • Currently, you pull the flagstick before putting into the hole.

As of January 2019, you may putt into the hole while the flagstick is still in or out of the hole.


  • Currently you can choose which club to measure with based on the situation..

As of January 2019, a “club length” will ALWAYS mean the longest club in your bag (NOT including your putter) for measuring ALL distances for a drop.


  • Currently you can only fix old hole plugs and ball marks on the green.

As of January 2019 you CANNOT repair aeration holes, natural surface imperfections or any normal wear on the green. You CAN repair ball marks, spike marks, old hole plugs, and anything caused by shoes, animals or maintenance practices.


  • Currently, you CANNOT touch your line of putt.

As of January 2019, touching your line of putt is permitted.


  • Currently, a water hazard and a lateral water hazard are referred to as “hazards.”

As of January 2019 there will be no more “hazards.” Any body of water on the course, or any areas which have been marked, will now be called “Penalty Areas.” You may hit your ball from a Penalty Area if possible.


  • Currently, you CANNOT ground your club in a hazard.

As of January 2019 it is OKAY to ground your club or take practice swings touching the grass and you can move loose impediments in a “Penalty Area.”