Starting a Round

5.3a When to Start

You must start at (and not before or after) your starting time.

Penalty for Breach of Rule 5.3a:  Disqualification, except in these three cases:

  • Exception 1 – You Arrive at Starting Point, Ready to Play, No More Than Five Minutes Late: The general penalty is applied to our first hole.
  • Exception 2 – You Start No More Than Five Minutes Early: The general penalty is applied to your first hole.
  • Exception 3 – Committee Decides that Exceptional Circumstances Prevented You from Starting on Time: There is no breach of this Rule and no Penalty.

General Penalty = Loss of hole in match play or two penalty strokes in stroke play.



Wrong Score for a Hole:  If your returned scorecard with a wrong score for any hole:

  • If your returned score for a hole is higher than your actual score, your higher returned score for the hole stands.
  • If your returned score for a hole is lower than your actual score or no score is returned for a hole, you are

** The player is responsible for the individual scores on each hole.  Be sure to reconcile each individual hole score before turning in your scorecard.  Reconciliation of the total score is not adequate.  There could still be mistakes (computation errors) on the scorecard.