Match Play

Keeping Score in Match Play

  1. How do I keep score in match play?
  2. The player who completes the hole in the fewest number of strokes (including strokes made and penalty strokes) wins the hole. If you and your opponent have the same number of strokes (including strokes made and penalty strokes), the hole is halved (see Rule 3.2a).


  1. What is a concession?
  2. In match play only, you may decide to concede a stroke to your opponent. The ball is considered holed and your opponent may pick it up. You may also concede a hole, or the entire match. A concession cannot be declined or withdrawn.

How to Proceed When Unsure of Rules in Match Play

  1. What should I do when I don’t know how to proceed in match play?
  2. You may seek a ruling from the Committee, decide by agreement with your opponent, or proceed how you think is right. If your opponent disagrees, he or she may make a request for a ruling from the Committee (see Rule 20.1b).

Playing Two Balls in Match Play

  1. Is playing two balls allowed in match play?
  2. No. Playing two balls is only allowed in stroke play (see Rule 20.1c(3)).

Putting Out After a Concession

  1. May I putt out after my shot has been conceded?
  2. Yes, unless doing so will assist your partner (see Interpretation 5.5b/1).

Practice on Course Before or During a Match

  1. May I practice on the course before or during my match?
  2. You may practice before your round or between play of two holes, unless the Committee says otherwise (see Rule 5.2a and Rule 5.5b).