AGA/CAGD Information

AGA 2021

This year ILGA is playing the State Medallion.  Four play days are designated “State Medallion” play days.  Each player is included that participates in the play of the day.  At the end of the year, the player with the two lowest gross scores is  awarded the Low Gross Medallion.  The player with the two lowest net scores is awarded the Low Net Medallion.  You are not required to participate in all four rounds.  The two lowest scores are used.  October 29th was the third round played this year.  Standings are posted below:


2021 State Medallion – Round 3 Gross Standings

2021 State Medallion – Round 3 Net Standings


2020 ILGA State Medallion Winners

LOW GROSS:  Eun J Yoon – 137

LOW NET:  Linda Talley – 126


 CAGD 2021

 BJ Schuller will be the Central Arizona Golf District (CAGD) representative for ILGA in 2021.  CAGD organizes five tournaments around the valley during the year. Sometimes these tournaments are played at private courses that we would not be able to play otherwise. All of the tournaments are partner play (one best net of the two-some) and are flighted. The CAGD website’s address is The 2021 CAGD season schedule is below or can be found on the CAGD website

The cost of joining CAGD for 2021 is only $8.00. Then you pay as you go for each tournament that you wish to play. The fee to play in each of the 2021 tournaments is  $75.00.  The fee includes the cost of golf, lunch and prizes.

Also, there is an optional game 3 months out of the year (March, April and November) – a Blind Draw. BJ will pick one play day out of each of these months when ILGA plays a postable game and send in your name and score along with $1.00 for each player that is part of the Blind Draw. CAGD will do a drawing and 1/3 of the names sent in will win some money, anywhere from $7.00 to $2.00. If you elect to participate in the Blind Draw, it is an additional $3.00. Just include this $3.00 along with your membership fee.

BJ is collecting 2021 membership fee of $8.00 now. You can give it to her anytime or put the money in an envelope with her name on the outside and deposit it in the ILGA box in the computer room. Make sure you include a note with your name also. Cash or check made out to BJ makes things easy.     Come join the fun!!


BJ Schuller    or   480-802-2078

 Click of the following link for the CAGD 2021 Schedule:

2021 – CAGD – Tournament Schedule